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  • preEmpt Enterprise Desktop Edition preEmpt Enterprise Desktop Edition Represents an enhancement to our desktop security product.
  • Denver Broncos Desktop Theme Denver Broncos Desktop Theme Now you can show your team spirit by decorating yourWindows 95 / NT PC with the latest & greatest in desktop themes for Windows 95! The Denver Broncos Desktop Theme for Windows95!
  • Desktop Butterfly 3D Screensaver Desktop Butterfly 3D Screensaver When you are craving to relax, you will admire the butterflies flutter in curious patterns on the screen.
  • Desktop Decision Desktop Search Desktop Decision Desktop Search Create a database of words and your documents and perform fast searching.
  • Facebook Themes Facebook Themes Change Facebook to another Color.
  • Semik's Desktop Semik's Desktop A small program which creates unlimited count of virtual desktops - something like fvwmPager under X-Windows. Included full source code. Simple configuration, no instalation - sipmle copy files and ru
  • Thanksgiving Screensavers Thanksgiving Screensavers This fun and joyful Thanksgiving screensaver is packed full of wonderful images of Turkey and Good Wishes and merging with fair-sounding Thanksgiving music. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday with
  • Cadence Desktop Cadence Desktop Use Cadence Desktop to analyze your iTunes music library for each songs BPM
  • Digital Clock Gadget Digital Clock Gadget This gadget displays present date and time
  • Live 3D Waterfalls ScreenSavers Live 3D Waterfalls ScreenSavers Another nature screen saver, bringing a real waterfall in the screen.

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