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  • WallpaperFlickr WallpaperFlickr WallpaperFlickr will download wallpapers from Flickr and rotate them when you want
  • Desktop Res Changer Desktop Res Changer A tool to change screen resolution quickly
  • Windows 98 Desktop Wallpaper Windows 98 Desktop Wallpaper A Windows 98 Background with a Blue and White CloudyBackground. The text says 'Windows 98' with the textcarved out and glowing. Looks really good. Fits best on a 800x600 resolution but works on all of
  • mini Digital Clock mini Digital Clock mini Digital Clock is a smaller version of the Digital Clock Widget that ships with Konfabulator
  • Torchlight Wallpaper Pack Torchlight Wallpaper Pack Add seven wallpapers based on the story of the thriving town of Torchlight.
  • Star-Clock Star-Clock Star-Clock is a computer alarm clock with a built in graphic program.
  • Desktop Alert Software Desktop Alert Software Guaranteed Content Delivery. Know with an absolute certainty that your message is delivered, read and engaged. Desktop Alert eliminates content delivery issues such as SPAM filters and email viruses.
  • LCD-Clock LCD-Clock LCD-Clock is a simple clock.
  • Desktop Puddle Screensaver Desktop Puddle Screensaver Desktop Puddle Screensaver - watch your desktop refracted thru a puddle of wate
  • Chess clock E Chess clock E The world chess championship is being held in Bangkok. Chessbase Eu

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