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  • My Better Desktop My Better Desktop My Better Desktop Wallpaper is a new type of a desktop background.
  • Ulteo Virtual Desktop Ulteo Virtual Desktop Enjoy the power of your Linux applications on Windows without the need to reboot
  • Overclockulator Overclockulator fully featured calculator that vastly simplifies the process of calculating
  • NRG Orb - 3D Fully Animated Wallpaper NRG Orb - 3D Fully Animated Wallpaper NRG Orb - 3D Fully Animated Wallpaper - a fully 3D animated desktop wallpaper
  • Smith Chart Clock Smith Chart Clock It is a round Windows clock with Smith Chart asbackground. Source code of the program can be obtainfrom author.
  • Cheerful Clock Bundle screensaver Cheerful Clock Bundle screensaver Have you ever imagined the smallest bricks of the Universe - all that atoms with their protons, neutrons, electrons and...
  • 4shared Desktop 4shared Desktop Desktop application for advanced uploading
  • Autodesk Land Desktop Autodesk Land Desktop Streamlines each phase of your land development projects.
  • Animated Happy Easter Wallpaper Animated Happy Easter Wallpaper Soothing pink colors. A message of Happy Easter in beautiful calligraphy and a video shot of a bunny with Easter Eggs, moving softly over the screen. Get this free snimated wallpaper on your desktop f
  • reggelreTalkClock reggelreTalkClock A talking alarm clock and system scheduler sidebar gadget

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