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Ad Striker is an Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware, Thiefware remover, Big Brotherware removal utility with multi-language support. It scans your memory (for active

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Kill Spyware, Adware, Trojans. includes a Firewall and Anti-Phishing tools.
Ad Striker is an Adware, SpyWare, Key Loggers, Trojans, Dialers, Hijackers, Trackware, Thiefware remover, Big Brotherware removal utility with multi-language support. It scans your memory (for active memory ad components, which are not stored on your hard drive and last only as long as the computer is powered up), registry, & drives for known adware modules & for known SpyWare parasites & scum-ware components and lets you remove them safely from your system. Also features SpyWatch, a real-time monitor that watches your memory and registry for spyware that tries to install or change your system, and a pop-up stopper that blocks pop-ups and pop-unders while you surf the Web. Also removes Bundled spyware components from Kazza, Morpheus, audiogalaxy, grokster, Limewire, Imesh, Gnutella & 1000+ other programs. SpyWare apps, often installed without your knowledge, send information about your surfing habits to ad companies, which, in turn, send you more popup ads. New features include a new Spy Add/Remove utility which uses the installer log files to uninstall all the components that the spyware programs have installed on your PC system, and an automatic update system that keeps your level of protection up-to-date.
New features added to this enhanced version like Firewall which Protects your business and home information. Avoid the entrance to your equipment through backdoors that could allow the stealing of information from it, monitors the programs tries to connect to internet and waits for incoming connection then alerts the user to decide to allow or block this connection.
New Anti Phishing , Phishing is the all inclusive term used to describe efforts to deceive consumers into going into a phony web site through forged or "spoofed" spam email.
Ad Striker is on the front lines of the fight against phishing, to reel in Online scammers.
Ad Striker warns you when you try to connect to such type of sites, So you can protect your personal or financial information.

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