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Spending time watching fish swimming can be a very relaxing activity. Animated Fish Desktop Wallpaper is a viable alternative to this activity and it can keep you entertained by simply watching the computer screen.
The app installs as a live desktop, which means that the screen transforms into a pond. Blue-green water moves softly on the screen while a red fish swims around in all directions.
Since the app gives you the impression that you’re sitting above the water, gazing downwards into the pond, this wallpaper stands apart from other similarly themed apps that display an aquarium instead.
Now, when you want to take a break, you simply have to minimize all the windows and watch the back of the red fish that cuts through the ripples. Its movements are slow, so you can easily keep track of its whereabouts. Sometimes, the fish even disappears from the desktop, so it doesn’t appear as though it’s is trapped in a rectangle.
While installing this app you should take care every step of the way and don’t click the “Next” button until the end, because you could end up with several changes you might not want. The program offers to change the browser settings, including the home page and default search engine, as well as to install a third-party app.
All in all, Animated Fish Desktop Wallpaper is a great-looking app that can solve two problems at once: keep you entertained and help you relax. The app is easy to install and use, so inexperienced users should be able to quickly find out how to work with this tool.
Reviewed by Gabriela Vatu, last updated on January 4th, 2013

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