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Ascent - designed to help cyclists, runners, and hikers train better

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Ascent is an application designed to help cyclists, runners, and hikers train better by organizing activity data and presenting it in useful ways. Using Ascent, you can download activity data directly from your GPS into the program, and immediately begin analyzing the data as it is presented to you in various graphical and textual formats. The "Animation" feature lets you re-play the activity so you can review in detail your performance during any segment of the activity. Ascent Includes: Main Browser Ascent organizes your activities in the main browser by year, month, week, activity, and lap. Each level displays running totals for all data. Map Viewer The Map View plots the path you followed against one of several different, selectable map types. Activity Viewer The Activity View allows you to plot the activity data, such as altitude, speed, heart rate, and cadence against distance. Summary Viewer The Summary View plots totals or averages for various data items on a weekly or monthly basis. System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Garmin Edge 305 or 205, Garmin Forerunner 205 or 301 or 305. Other Garmin USB GPS devices may work but have not been tested.

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