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BabyMonitor for Windows Mobile is a software, which allows you to use your smartphone like a baby monitor. This way, you?ll be able to hear the noise made by your little child, when he or she wakes up

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<P><B>BabyMonitor</B> for Windows Mobile is a software, which allows you to use
your smartphone like a <B>baby monitor</B>. This way, you’ll be able to hear the
noise made by your little child, when he or she wakes up.<BR>
BabyMonitor<B> </B>comes with noise suppression technology, that ignores
environmental sounds and focuses on the noises made by the baby. This software
also silences the phone’s ringer, in order to avoid waking the baby up when you
get a phone call. Once the child makes a sound, the handset will call a preset
number and tell the parents that he’s awake.<BR>
<B>Key features of BabyMonitor</B></P>
<LI>No need to have any special devices </LI>
<LI>Unlimited radius of action </LI>
<LI>Radio noise insensibility </LI>
<P>Enjoy peace of mind when you're away from your baby!<BR>
BabyMonitor<B> </B>is also adopted to use your smartphone like a <B>burglar

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