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Etsy Clone script is an online marketplace where user is allowed to buy & sell

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The basic idea of the Etsy clone from its start has been to provide a viable source and alternative for individuals to shop sustainably and locally. It can be surprising to all that Etsy has made a great breakthrough in increasing the sales of handmade products over the normal mass-produced products. And with the increase in the number of  Etsy clone  website, you can see the market dominance of handmade products over the normal ones.One important aspect that you need to know is that designing a website from scratch has many issues. For example, designing a good website may sometimes cost you about $400 to $800 and developing the code may cost you more than designing. So you can easily say that the basic cost of designing and developing a website is saved using the Etsy clone script.In addition to that another basic advantage of the Etsy clone website is that it is very cheap and is good for small start up business since they can be painless and easy on the budget. The cost of setting up an Etsy website and the membership charges that users have to pay are quite reasonable when compared to other e-commerce sites.Site supports unlimited number of users who can post unlimited number of products in their login and the site provides number of sub-categories within the categories which helps to browse products easily. User can browse the site based on the colors to locate a product in that particular color. Users can add the items that they like the most into a favorite list which they can refer at anytime. User can share the products on social media like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest.Each item on Etsy clone site can have 5 images and a description. The items are listed categorically on the site which has sub-categories providing you more options and help you find your product quickly. Buyers will find plenty of choices to shop conveniently, while opening a shop on eSell is also very easy.

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