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Allround EQ plug-in for mixing and mastering

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Getting the best audio quality from a track depends on a lot of factors. It can be influenced and corrected by a great number of both analog and digital plugins that shape the audio signal.
From all the available choices using equalizers is by far the most reliable and efficient way of improving sound quality.
FabFilter Pro-Q is such a digital equalizer that comes in the form of a an audio plugin. It provides you with a more than decent number of 24 EQ bands that you can use to sculpt the sound until it’s just right.
A big part in understanding how the equalizer works is by providing you with graphical representation of how the sound is manipulated. FabFilter Pro-Q not only offers this graphical representation but enables you to manually shape the curve that displays the frequency response of the equalizer. Basically you draw the equalizer just the way you want it.
It’s this interactive EQ display that makes the plugin fun to use and practical. As mentioned before, you can add 24 EQ bands and you can move them anywhere you see fin within the designated area. A great degree of attention is given to the freedom and accuracy with which you can edit the bands. This is obvious due to the fact that you can edit them in two ways. You can either use the interactive EQ display or the adjustable parameters that are provided below the equalizer. While they both offer the same functions, you can use the first to get an overall feel about how the sound should be while the other allows you to use precise values for frequency and gain.
For even more mastering accuracy in FabFilter Pro-Q can also display a spectrum analyzer that gives you a dynamic representation of what is happening to the sound.
FabFilter Pro-Q is by all means a powerful and fun to use equalizer that is capable of delivering high quality output. All you have to convince yourself is give it a try.
Reviewed by Alexandru Chirila, last updated on December 30th, 2014

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