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With Karaoke Mixer you don't need advanced application to mix karaoke background and recorded voice any more

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With Karaoke Mixer you don't need advanced applications to mix karaoke background and recorded voice any more.
With this great tool mixing Karaoke is very easy. Anyway you can use many advanced settings to improve sound of your voice. You can adjust precisely synchronisation, change independently volume, balance, bass, treble and TONE for both sources.
For MIDI source you have full support for MIDI channels. Change its volume, balance and instrument, xwitch channel on and off. For vocal you can even add 4 different audio effects or choose one of 14 sound presets.
■ Pentium 600MHz Procesor or better
■ 16MB RAM
■ MIDI interface/Windows-compatible sound card
■ Trial version 15 days.
■ Nag screen.

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