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M-People SMS Desktop Toolbar is a professional application designed to offer you the possibility to send and receive bulk and individual SMS messages.
The application integrates perfectly in your computer desktop and allows filing sent and received messages, managing contacts and sending sms to one or multiple recipients.
Ideal for small and medium enterprises. No cell phone is required to send messages. All in all, this application will help you save your time and money. M-People: Specialist in low cost Bulk SMS Gateway and Global Coverage!
Note: In order to be able to use the application, you must register an account.
Main features:

  • Delivery of SMS to a single or multiple phone numbers at the same time.

  • Allows you to process millions of SMS in a single package.

  • Ability to send more than 6000 SMS per minute.

  • Reception of SMS

  • Handling of contacts and groups (friends, departments, etc.)

  • Customized messages. Enables sending individual messages to multiple addressees simultaneously.

  • Scheduled messages. Selects date and start time for delivery of messages.

  • Customized sender.

  • Receipt of delivery of messages.

  • Importing data bases from Excel, CSV & TXT formats.

  • Data safety and encryption

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