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Get an interactive dictionary of the world's most-loved musical themes.

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You can listen to the classical hit parades of symphonies, concertos, piano music and more. If you have a tune in your head, just pick out up to the first 10 notes on the virtual piano keyboard. It will look it up in its dictionary, identify it for you, and play an orchestrated version back to you, whilst displaying its title and all the info you need. The juke box allows you to choose the types of music you want to hear, then play it all to you. The standard database contains over 1100 tunes and themes, many of them are fully orchestrated. You can add your own. There are quizzes to test your ability in recognizing tunes and instruments. You can view and change any tune in the database, using its basic MIDI sequencer's musical staff, with multiple tracks. And you can write your own new tunes.

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