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Nzb Monster Desktop 1.0 Nzb-Monster Desktop - the ultimate nzb utility

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Nzb-Monster Desktop - the ultimate nzb utility Nzb-Monster Desktop is the ultimate nzb tool, right from your desktop. You can browse 40,000 ++ Nzb files, categories include:
Apps : DvDIso, CDIso, Rips, Education, Macintosh
Books : Audio, Education
Consoles : Psp, Ps2, Xbox, Xbox360, GameCube, Nds
Pc Games : DVDIso, CDIso, Rip
Movies : Divx, Dvd, Svcd, Vcd, Xvid, HDTv
Music : Mp3, Lossless, Karaoke, Video
Pda : Ppc, Palm
Tv : Action, Cartoons, Comedy, Documentary, Drama
Sci-fi, Sitcoms, Sport, Reality

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