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Randomly disguise letters and digits in plain text files

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ObscureText is a graphical Java 1.4 Swing (GUI) application to obscure words in a text file.On selected lines, lowercase letters ("a" to "z") are replaced with other random lowercase letters, uppercase letters ("A" to "Z") with random uppercase letters, and digits ("0" to "9") with other random digits.Only the standard plain text alphabet and digits are affected; accented letters and symbols are not changed. By doimg so, the overall appearance of the file is preserved.The intended purpose is to view a program's general structure, without being able to compile or use the source code. Input text is read from a file chosen by the user with the "Open Input File" button.Lines are selected either sequentially (for example, every tenth line) or randomly with a given probability (for example, one in ten). The changed text is shown to the user in a scrolling text area.The original input file is not changed. The user has the option of clicking on the "Save Output As" button to save the changed text to a new file.The graphical skeleton of this program can be re-used as the base code for almost any quick-and-dirty file utility that reads a text file, makes some changes (with options), and saves the changed file.

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