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RAM Def - Really COOL Memory monitoring and cleanup tool

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RAM Def is a very useful application that monitors the computer memory and performs a quick defragmentation for increased performance.
It may sound like rocket science for many rookies, but RAM Def is pretty easy to use, relying on a very user friendly interface to serve its purpose.
The main window of the app shows a bunch of statistics, including available, used and total physical memory, but also available, used and total paging file.
If you hit the “Start” button, RAM Def automatically begins the defragmentation and cleanup procedure, which takes just a few seconds but guarantees a reasonable system boost. On the other hand, if you decide to “Send to Tray” the application, RAM Def quietly sits in the System Tray and monitors the memory.
The “Options” menu comes with several options regarding the refresh interval and the warning level, but it also allows you to customize the tray icon by showing either a colored bar graph or the available RAM in digits.
The application boasts a detailed help file that helps beginners whenever they get themselves into trouble, comprising detailed information on every single feature hidden under the hood.
Just as expected, RAM Def runs on very low computer resources and does its job no matter the Windows version currently in use.
All in all, RAM Def is indeed a handy piece of software and it can be safely used by beginners and more experienced users alike, mostly thanks to its user friendly approach.
Reviewed by Bogdan Popa, last updated on February 3rd, 2012

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