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This application represents an ideal solution for developers who are engaged in the development of visualization applications

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SharpShooter Dashboards is a suite of components built in order to help you create complex charts and gauges.
The suite includes SharpShooter Gauges and SharpShooter Charts. These products provide an interconnected framework with unified design time and runtime customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods.
SharpShooter Dashboards components feature identical designers, unique architecture, intuitive interface and a rich library of pre-designed gauges and charts.
SharpShooter Dashboards is designed to help developers build powerful dashboards that are critical data visualization tools for managers and other decision makers to quickly analyze critical data. Data in dashboards is usually visualized with charts and gauges. SharpShooter Dashboards offers comprehensive tools for quick and easy creation of high performance data visualizations.
Main features:

  • Flexible and customizable gauges:

  • SharpShooter Gauges included in the package features a rich set of 180+ pre-built gauges: Meters, Dials, Sliders, Switches, Digital numbers and text, Odometers and other common and non-standard controls. You can easily adjust existing gauges to your requirements, or create a new one from scratch if none of the pre-designed gauges suits you. End user designer is provided.

  • Powerful charts:

  • SharpShooter Charts offers a complete library of 180+ 2D charts: Bar, Pie, Line, Spline, Stock, Candle Stick, Bubble and other most wide spread chart types. You can create necessary chart from scratch or pick up one from the library and modify it. End user designer is available.

  • Unified design and management:

  • Both gauges and charts are designed in identical styles, so you don’t need to waste your time adjusting chart and gauge appearance for a single dashboard. SharpShooter Charts and SharpShooter Gauges designers are identical as well, so you won’t spare much time exploring how to use both products. You get a complete development framework that will streamline building of digital dashboards.

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