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Are your favorite TV channel's from home blocked?

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TV Anywhere gives you a UK IP address so that you can access many TV channles with restricted access.
It's now possible to watch live and catch up TV from your home country; from the comfort of your own residence anywhere in the world. This service provides expats from around the world, who have an interest to stay connected with their own country's TV stations.
Using our foreign based proxy's, you will be able to access UK, US, European and any other country that streams TV, that is normally block.
There are many countries around the world that restrict access to their TV stations. Our servers give you the access, thus allowing you to by-pass these restrictions.
Never miss another TV program from home, with TV-Anywhere. It's a none intrusive process, you can be live in seconds and with absolutely no impact on your existing internet connection.
Already configured Just plug and view:
Unlike other VPN services, we don't ask you to enter lots of complicated network information, before you can surf safely and securely. We understand the need to keep things as simple and easy as possible.
Note: In order to function, the program installs Vidalia, Firefox Portable, Chrome Portable, Foxyproxy Standard, HTTPS Everywhere, Torbutton.

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  • If you need help or have a question to TV Anywhere 2.0, visit our forum or contact us
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