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Robust Tweaking, maintenance utility for Windows 7

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The Win7zilla application was designed to be one of the world's first security and tweaking software for Windows 7. It's a comprehensive, all-in-one utility software to meet all your system maintenance requirements.
All settings in Win7Zilla can be applied with immediate effect unlike other tweaking software. System Restarting is not a requirement, which improves system efficiency instantaneously and saves the user a lot of time. Win7Zilla is a multi-utility software incorporating hundreds of system and application enhancements and tweaks while also functioning as a deep system cleaning software.
Win7Zilla offers various customizations to make your Windows 7 Operating System work the way you want. With all important utilities combined into one handy tool, Win7Zilla is a one-of-a-kind, complete system maintenance workhorse.
Main features:

  • Win7Zilla offers hundreds of tweaks to help customize your Windows 7 settings to meet your personal needs. Customizations which are well described with suitable screenshots can range anywhere from modifying the Taskbar, Desktop and Start Menu options, to tweaking the Control Panel, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer settings and appearances. Unlike other utility software, you can have all the tweaks and settings applied immediately at the click of a button without restarting your computer multiple times after each and every setting. Win7Zilla also provides a simple way to identify which settings has been applied on the system.

  • Win7Zilla gathers detailed hardware information about your system properties and settings and presents it comprehensibly.

  • The information includes:

  • - Main Processor (CPU)

  • - BIOS

  • - Main Board

  • - Physical Memory (RAM)

  • - Video Adapter

  • - Network Adapter

  • - Storage Devices

  • - Battery

  • Win7Zilla helps you to change the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM and Windows User Information that is usually set by your computer's manufacturer.

  • The information includes:

  • - Manufacturer Name

  • - Model Name

  • - Support Phone number

  • - Support hours

  • - Support Website

  • - OEM Logo

  • - Computer Name

  • - Owner Name

  • - Organization Name

  • - Windows 7 Product ID

  • Internet Connection Optimizer in Win7Zilla is a supreme tool that allows you to optimize and speed up your Internet connection. You can either use the automatic optimization function or manually change the networking configuration parameters.

  • This feature hosts a variety of Windows 7 utilities to make your system usage a pleasure and is also multifunctional. Most of the utilities featured here are not easy to locate in Windows 7, but easily accessible in this section of Win7Zilla.

  • Some of the utilities are:

  • - File Signature Verification Tool

  • - Printer Migration Tool

  • - Private Character Editor

  • - Problem Steps recorder

  • - Snipping Tool

  • - Event Viewer

  • - User Accounts Manager

  • - Username and Password Tool and more.

  • Memory optimization is a valuable tool that is used to improve efficiency of your Physical RAM. Many applications do not clear out the memory they use in RAM even after being turned off, technically it is called memory leak. Win7Zilla operates in two advanced modes that Quickly or Extremely scan both physical and virtual memory in your system to free the leaked memory. Win7Zilla automatically turns on the quick memory optimization mode and runs every 5 minutes.

  • This feature is a must-have for serious gamers. It makes use of all the best resources in the system and stops all unnecessary services and applications to give a mix of efficient performance and excellent visual graphic resolution. Services or applications can be added/removed to/from the switch-off list by advanced users.

  • This tools allows users to keep the system clean of all temporary files, log files, recycle bin and many more, all at the click of a button. Users can view the files before selecting and deleting them.

  • Windows Operating System stores system and application information on Registry. Whenever an application is installed in your system, Windows and the application itself create many different entries in the Registry. Uninstalling the application does not remove all the entries and the Registry is normally full of mess after a period of time. Problems with the Windows Registry are the common reasons that make Windows perform slowly or even crash. Registry Cleaner on Win7Zilla keeps the Registry free of invalid entries and old registry entries. Users can choose the areas of scan and delete the found entries after viewing and selecting them.

  • Start-up applications usually delay the start-up time of the system by loading unnecessary programs in the background. Some of the unwanted applications can be turned off or permanently removed using this tool. This tool also allows users to add an application to start-up list.

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