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A handy software to convert audio files from one format to another

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iPod Music Converter is a tool with a pretty self-explanatory name - it lets you prepare audio tracks for iPod devices - MP3, WAV, WMA, MP2 and OGG, among others.
The interface of the program is based on a standard window where you can import items by using either the file browser or 'drag and drop' method. It is possible to work with multiple entries at the same time.
So, if you do not want to alter the default settings, then you can immediately start the conversion procedure after establishing the output directory and extension.
Otherwise, you can modify audio properties when it comes to the channel mode, sample rate, encoder quality, bit rate, highpass or lowpass filter, de-emphasis and bits per sample, just to name a few.
Furthermore, you can set a post-task action (e.g. restart or hibernate computer), open the target folder, preview a selected track in an external media player, change the interface language and disable the toolbars.
The audio conversion piece of software needs a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time, quickly finishes a task and manages to deliver a good sound quality to the output audio tracks. We have not encountered any issues during our tests. iPod Music Converter's features can be easily figured out by less experienced users, thanks to the intuitive layout.
Reviewed by Elena Opris, last updated on January 10th, 2013

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